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How did you all meet?

Allon: “I met Justin first and from there. I was introduced to Stef and the rest is history as they say lol. Luke answered an ad we had up at a local music store and I’ve know Marcus for years”.

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Heathen Hearts

We are Heathen Hearts, rather new 5-piece metal / hardcore act from Finland. Antti – Vocals

Jere – Guitars / Backing vocals

Lauri – Guitars / Backing vocals

Juhana – Bass

Ville – Drums We were only formed last fall 2021, but all of us have played in various bands throughout our teens and adult life. So far we have released one digital EP accompanied with two music videos.

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How did you all meet?

Charles (CKRAFT’s bandleader): Hi there, thanks for having us today! I met most of these lovely people in Paris’ national conservatory (CNSM) where we were studying at the same time, except William our drummer who was at Berklee. I had met him earlier in my formative years, in a conservatoire in Metz (eastern France) and, already back then, he struck me as someone who could just play anything. Combining him with my Conservatoire friends created the magic that I was looking for to execute this music!

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We are Pressure from Sweden. We are doing what we call Story Metal, it’s kind of a subgenre of Heavy metal but we found out that we didn’t really fit in anywhere so we actually invented our own genre and style.

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20-year-old newcomer Crybabyamy aims to normalise every kind of emotion through her pop-based music. She is writing, producing and singing her way to removing the shame that comes with being somebody who spontaneously bursts into tears at the worst of times – and we’ve all been there. Mixing influences such as SHY Martin, PVRIS, Gracey, Adele and Julia Michaels, her raw, emotive style will speak to fans of Holly Humberstone, Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo.

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Begonia became established as one of Canada’s biggest breaking artists with her 2019 debut album ‘Fear’, which was nominated for a JUNO Award for Adult Alternative Album Of The Year and was longlisted for The Polaris Music Prize. Now Begonia – real name Alexa Dirks – introduces herself to UK audiences with her new single ‘Right Here’, which previews the February 24th release of her second album ‘Powder Blue’.

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Indie-pop trio Tors are firmly in the ascendancy, their gift for sumptuous vocal harmonies and immediately enticing melodies leading to shows with Sam Ryder, co-writes with Declan J Donovan and Dean Lewis, and airplay at Radio 1 and Radio 2. They now add to their 500 million career streams to date by teaming up with Lily Williams for the new single ‘I Don’t Miss You (Except For When I Do)’.

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How did you all meet?

“At a furry convention. The three of us all bumped into each other dressed as sexy quokkas (each one sexier than the last) and the rest was gross, sweaty history”.

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The Dark Horde

Brewin here (lyricist, concept creator and director for The Calling album by The Dark Horde) to answer your questions – thanks for having us!

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