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Oz has been a songwriter since her early teens, after her father’s passion for music inspired her immersion in the worlds of bold musicians like The Clash, Dolly Parton, No Doubt and Kate Bush. Her fascination with life’s rough edges is surely inspired by her youth spent in her family’s pizzeria in a pre-gentrified Soho.

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Junodream as they describe they are “all introverted and deeply cynical, a reflection of our self-deprecating humour. But we’re also very hopeful. We often find humour in the bleak and trivial, be it an argument in the car (Terrible Things), or getting barged in a nightclub and being too afraid to do anything about it (Limiter). There’s a whole universe to explore in these moments”.

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The Marigolds

A punk-funk band from Liverpool, The Marigolds have recently released their debut single, ‘Magnetic’. ‘Magnetic’ is a catchy, riff filled song that’s driving and full of energy.

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Rising independent pop powerhouse Aistè has released new single ‘Mojo’ and official music video. The slick and addictive track, written and produced by Aistè, is accompanied by a futuristic, Matrix-style short film also directed by Aistè herself.

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Nick Wilson

A 25-year-old artist from Buckinghamshire, Nick Wilson’s sound hints at elements of Noah Gundersen’s raw intimacy, the mournful laments of early Bon Iver and LANY’s flair for melody. He’s earned countless international New Music Friday playlists on Spotify and has toured with Gabrielle Aplin and Dotan.

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Donovan Woods

In 2019, a decade into his recording career, Donovan Woods pulled back the curtain on both sides of his artistry. He went unplugged for The Other Way, an acoustic and nuanced re-imagining of 2018’s Both Ways that captured the Canadian artist in miniature and at his most vulnerable.

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The Lotts

Forming in 2018 The Lotts, from Warrington, recorded their debut EP ‘Out of It‘, at Rockfield Studios: live, in one take, straight to tape, louder than anyone thought possible.

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Big Wednesday

Big Wednesday are a London based quartet focussed on crafting feel-good yet heartfelt Indie-Pop tunes. With rock & roll energy and a knack for instant pop hooks, the band blend retro guitar music with honest, soulful songwriting. The band’s debut EP ‘Big Wednesday’ is out now on Spotify & Apple Music, they have also released a music video for their single ‘Stuck in the Kitchen’ which you can find on the bands YouTube channel.

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MOODBAY are producer-songwriter Alfie Cattell and vocalist-songwriter Anna Stephens. They are based in the North East, UK. Their unusual shade of electropop incorporates a range of genres from R&B to Classical – the duo describe their sound as ‘moodpop’. They got together in 2017, after meeting in the corridor of BIMM music school in Manchester.

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