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The Luka State

The Luka State are poised for big things in 2022 as they look to build upon everything they achieved following the release of their debut album ‘Fall In Fall Out’ last year. Not letting a pandemic hold them back they played 35 shows across Europe in just two months, including two laps of UK gigs supporting The Reytons, as they performed to a combined audience of 20,000 people and appeared on French TV’s Taratata. Even then they still found the time to write a body of supercharged new songs to channel their lockdown frustrations into a cathartic release of pent-up energy. Today the band release ‘Oxygen Thief’, their first new song since releasing their debut, along with its official video.

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Void Collapse

How did you all meet?

“I was working with a drummer from France I met on YouTube. We were having a hard time getting anything done because we were both trying to write to each other, passing things back and forth. It was too complicated, and nothing ended up getting done so we decided to wrap it up. I thought about using programmed drums, but decided to look around for someone to do them. I found Shane on a message board as a session drummer and told him I was interested. I told him that I just wanted him to send me fully done drum tracks, and I would write to him. That seemed to be the best way to do it for me. He thought that was no problem, and we’ve been working together for about four or five years now”.

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Ash Olsen

Not many rappers grow up on a farm. But Norway’s biggest breaking talent, 21-year-old Ash Olsen, isn’t your average rapper. Spinning hypnotic rhymes inspired by her life in rural Norway with the bravado of an American street rapper, she’s ready to graduate from her bedroom to the big stage.

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Gaspar Narby

Gaspar Narby’s fusion of lush broken beats, downtempo melancholia and singer-songwriter reflection has been rewarded with a broad sweep of tastemaker tips from new music and electronica media alike. Now the 25-year-old Swiss artist puts a new twist on his artistry as he shares his new single, ‘Death & Other Things’, alongside its official video.

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ELLE L’s official debut single ‘Hoping’ and introductory track ‘Circles’ received a groundswell of tastemaker support to establish her rising star status. Earning a first wave of critical acclaim from Noisey, The Face, Wonderland, Clash, The Telegraph and harnessing radio support from BBC Introducing. Diplo’s Sirius XM and Soho Radio, ELLE L has landed on key playlists at Apple Music, Shazam and synched her music to a worldwide TV / Digital campaign with Lacoste. Beyond her creativity as a musician, ELLE L’s multidimensional nature also reflects in her work as a regenerative fashion ambassador and as an environmental activist working on campaigns alongside the United Nations.

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Catching Mangoes

We are Catching Mangoes – a 5-piece, 70’s inspired Indie Rock band from the South of England.

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Child of the Parish

Who were your musical influences growing up?

Our parents were very into their music, so we started off on their record collection really. Our dad was big into blues but also rock, so there were lots of Who records, Zeplin etc. Our mum was more folk so she was a big Dylan fan, Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchel. Then they both loved the Beatles and the stones so we had a solid musical upbringing! We grew up in Camden so obviously indie became our thing as we got older, and then clubbing so we got more into house. And growing up our grandparents played in orchestras so we were encouraged into classical music. We never really had an option to do anything else!

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How did you all meet?

“I (Roméo, lead singer-guitarist) met Vince (drummer/back vocalist) when we were 10 years old!! It’s a long love story (laughs). We started the band when we were 14 in our native city (called Troyes, in France). Then we never stopped playing together. We met Rudy (bassist/back vocalist) and André (keyboardist/back vocalist) in Paris years after, we were all connected super fast and the complicity was here.”

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Gia Lily

Who were your musical influences growing up?

“I grew up listening to bands like AC/DC, Queen, Guns n Roses etc with my dad, so my background is very much rock. Music that sounds as though it’s been recorded live has always inspired me. I like feeling as though I’m watching them perform right infront of me. It feels super personal. I’m excited for you to hear my music going more down this avenue!”

Tell us about your new single Signs

“‘Signs’ was originally written as a piano ballad, making it a much sadder song than what you hear now! However, when I got to studio, I didn’t want it to be sad anymore – I wanted to take the pain and turn it into a feeling of empowerment. But to sum up, it’s about sending signs to an ex who you know is still caught up on you as well.. even though he’s with someone new (“so pretend you still ignore me while you’re looking at my stories”, “I know that you’re watching from a distance”)”.

Can you describe your music in 3 words?  

“Sad turned sass!”

You’ve got a huge following on TikTok – how did that come about? 

“Honestly I’m not sure myself haha. I started posting videos of me singing and people kept following. It’s been a great journey this year and the support I get on that platform is crazy and am so grateful for it all”.

If you could collaborate with any other artist – who would that be? 

“Miley Cyrus 100%. Upsahl and Two Feet are also favourites”.

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs? 

“Mostly from my own experiences, as I love keeping it real, and honesty is something this world needs a bit more of – it makes people feel less isolated. Notes on my phone is 99% lyrics, and most of my storage issues are from how many voice memos of random song ideas”.

If you had to be remembered for one thing apart from your music what would you want it to be?

“My energy, and I can make great halloumi wraps”.

Have you got any gigs coming up?

“I’m working towards my first headline show next year which is super exciting! Will be great to finally perform the music that I’ve been working on live”.

By Siân Parker


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