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The Twang @ O2 Academy, Leicester

It’s been a busy 2019 for The Twang so far who have spent most of the year recording their latest album ‘If Confronted Just Go Mad’ which is due to be released on 8th November 2019. The band have been busy playing some festivals over the summer and also doing a run of gigs before they go off to support Shed Seven on their UK tour in November & December.

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Kioko @ De Montfort Hall

Kioko are a multicultural soulful pop/reggae band from Birmingham made up by Matt Doyle (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Jon Brown (Lead Guitar), Ben Torrens (Bass), Ewan Whyte (Trumpet/Backing Vocals), Laurence Taylor (Trumpet) and Josh Wilkinson (Trombone).

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Jersey Budd & Silverball @ Guildhall

On Saturday 13th April Jersey played for the first time with his new band Silverball at their sold-out gig at the historic Guildhall in Leicester. I’ve been lucky enough to see Jersey play live a few times in the past, he has never disappointed and Saturday nights gig was no exception.

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Gazelle @ Dryden Street Social

It’s been a busy 2018 for Gazelle who have spent most of the year recording new tracks and gigging across the UK, but they are back with their latest single ‘Finger On The Trigger’. On Saturday 15th December the band played their sold-out single launch at Dryden Street Social in Leicester. I’ve been lucky enough to see this band play live a few times in the past, they have never disappointed and Saturday nights gig was no exception.

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Monico Blonde @ The Camelon Arts Café

It’s been a while since I’ve heard some high-energy indie pop bangers but Cardiff lads Monico Blonde are bringing exactly that and it’s great to see. I was lucky enough to catch these guys live at The Camelon Arts Café in Nottingham for a gig set up by This Feeling. I had heard about this band before from hearing them being played on Radio X, I was not disappointed with what I heard. Continue reading “Monico Blonde @ The Camelon Arts Café”

Top 10 bands of 2017

So 2017 is nearly over and what a year it has been, I have been to some brilliant gigs and I have interviewed some fantastic bands. I’ve managed to choose my top 10 bands I have seen this year, it’s been hard to choose but I’ve managed to choose.

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Scott Bugg and The Vital Few

Scott Bugg and The Vital Few are a Nottingham based Indie Rock, Rock, Blues band made up by Scott Bugg (Lead vocals/guitar), Brett Calladine (Bass/Vocals), Ashley Groves (Vocals/Percussion), James Smith (Vocals/Harmonica), Rory Black (Keyboards/Percussion), Phil Evison (Drums) and Chris Beecroft (Cajon). They are a Band of Brothers created by the love of music for the music and the people who love music. Continue reading “Scott Bugg and The Vital Few”

The Flavells @ The Hop Merchant

A five piece Rock n Roll band from Nottingham made up by Billy Kennedy (Lead vocals/Guitar), Grant Bugg (Guitar), Ashley Wood (Guitar/Harmonies), Sam Beeson (Bass) and Cameron Pridgeon (Drums).

I had heard a few of their songs before seeing them live and I loved what I had heard and was looking forward to hearing them live.

Kicking off with a new track called ‘Tired’ it instantly got the crowd’s attention. It’s one of the bands more slower tracks but it draws you in and you can’t help but stop and listen to the lyrics and tap along. The venue was small which made this acoustic track sound even better, it was a track I hadn’t heard before but it instantly grab my attention.

In my eyes where they really shined is with their track ‘No No No!’, it’s catchy and I think everyone listening to the lyrics can relate to them in a way. It’s one of my favourite songs and sounds even better live. From its guitar riffs to its vocals there nothing I can fault with this track.

They are a new band to the scene and may not have a lot of experience behind them yet, but seeing them play at The Hop Merchant proved that what they do have is a knack for performing. They have a talent for song writing and to me they stand out from other bands around Nottingham with their sound and their energy. They have left a good impression on me and my friend, they are a promising band with bags of talent. They are different to other bands I’ve heard from Nottingham, they have the classic Rock n Roll sound but with their own little twist. If you get the chance to see them live then go and see them you will not be disappointed.

By Siân Parker




Set list 


‘No no no!’

‘Right Here’




‘Culture of fear’


Gazelle @ O2 Academy Leicester

A four piece Rock n Roll band from Leicester made up by Ryan Dunn (Vocals/Guitar), Ben Gooch (Guitar), Richard Sorbi (Bass) and Danny Wright (Drums). 

I’ve been lucky enough to see these guys live before when the supported Jersey Budd at his gig at the 02 Academy back in February. Before I went to see them support Jersey Budd I heard some good things about them and from what I had heard I knew I would like them. As soon as I heard they were doing their own headline gig at the 02 Academy I had to make sure I went.

Kicking off with a new track called ‘Menace’ it didn’t take long for the crowd to start to sing along and go mental, it maybe a new track but it’s already going down well with the crowd and shows off the bands talent.

As well as some new tracks such as ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Diamond High’ they played ‘Finger On The Trigger’ and ‘Freight Train’ which is one of my favourite tracks of theirs. Where they really shined is with their track ‘Puppets & Parasites’ with its guitar riffs, vocals and upbeat delivery to me this track stands out from the others.

They finished the gig with another new track ‘Where Nothing Ever Happens’ which I have to say has become one of my favourites. It got the crowd singing along and going crazy and in my eyes was the best song to end the gig with. It really showed the bands talent for song writing and performing and in my eyes they really shined with this song.

They get better every time I see them live, they know how to get a crowd going and have a knack for song writing. They have a candid stage presence that can’t help but make you listen to them and dance along, every time I looked around at the crowd people were dancing or just tapping along, no one in the crowd was stood still and to me that shows it’s a good gig. What’s instantly obvious when seeing these guys live is their talent and endless energy.

Like before they left a good impression on my friends, one of them had never seen the band live before but came out of the gig loving what she had heard. Safe to say she is now a fan. They are a promising band and are great live, they are making waves in Leicester music scene which is much needed.

You need to see them live for yourselves to understand what I mean by when I say they are amazing live and have talent and lot of it.

By Siân Parker




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