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Ashley Stacey – ‘There’s No Telling You’

Ashley Stacey is an Indie Rock artist from South East London with a strong passion for music and a knack for songwriting.

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Static Satellites – Smokescreens’

Static Satellites are a Glasgow/West Lothian based indie band, their latest single ‘Smokescreens’ is the latest single to be taken off their debut EP ‘As The Dark Unfolds’.

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Luke Royalty – ‘I Do’

With over 40,000 streams on Spotify, Luke Royalty’s previous release I Could Get Used To This received support across BBC Introducing North East, Tees and Merseyside, gaining a spot on the BBC North East Playlist. The track also gained support from Amazing Radio finding its way onto both UK and USA Playlists.

The easily listening track is one you need for your playlist, the sound will have you tapping along within seconds whilst they lyrics will have you hooked and relating to what Luke sing’s effortlessly. The blending together of vocals and backing track do a great job of allowing you to escape reality and indulge in a moment of comfort.

The guitar riff towards the end of the track is ridiculously brilliant, it will awaken every hair on the back of your neck and really helps to make this track sound unique, fun and just a pure joy to listen too.

This was the first track I have heard from Han Rick and it’s safe to say I was impressed, from the sound to the lyrics there was nothing I could fault. This single had me hooked and left me wanting to hear more from this talented artist.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper





Han Rick – My Love (It’s Free)

‘Han Rick’ weaves the tale of the desire and desperation for the human touch, love and romance during lockdown on new track ‘My Love (It’s Free)’. This 60s-rockabilly inspired track channels his love for The Beatles with a touch of modern day life thrown in the mix!

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The Maias – ‘Dance’

The Maias, a friendly neighbourhood indie pop duo from Nottinghamshire, England have been writing songs in lockdown. Comprising of Matt Bulmer and Eva Lightfoot the pair have been writing and recording bops in their spare room all summer. Drawing inspiration from Fickle Friends and Darwin Deez their fresh first Single ‘Constantine’ transports you someplace sunny.

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James Millier – ‘Brighter Day’

James Millier is an alternative country artist from Barton on Sea, Hampshire in England. His passion for music happened at a very young age thanks to his family however in his teenage years he made the decision to be wise by studying his first passion in food and lead a life working in the catering industry. During his mid-twenties his love for music became stronger than ever and as fate would have it a love one gave him some singing lessons as a Christmas present where 13 years later to this day, he is still having lessons with the same singing teacher.

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The Shed Project – ‘A day in the dam’

The Shed Project are set to release a brand new single ‘A Day In The Dam’ which is set to be released on 23rd July on all music platforms.

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Two Skies – ‘Loser’

The single is an indie-pop fans dream! Your ears are greeted with a dream guitar riff combined with a catchy sound and strong vocals you cannot help but become hooked this impressive single which will no doubt have you tapping along whilst the lyrics become stuck in your head.

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Kill Bosco – ‘Happy’

A four-piece indie rock band from Chelmsford have released some great singles in the past and they are back with a brank new single ‘Happy’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

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