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Vialetters – ‘Ulysses’

Hull based Vialetters formed in 2018 and have been lucky to enough to get their first batch of music released, and played alongside their favourite bands in the indie sphere such as The Big Moon, Blaenavon, Bloxx, Cassia, Anteros, they have played the main stage of our local Humber Street Sesh festival which attracts 35,000 people a year. They have recently released a new single ‘Ulysses’ which is now available to listen to on Spotify.

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Lucky Iris – ‘Get Ready With Me’ Remix

Lucky Iris have recently released A EP ‘Turns out We Should Have Stayed at Home’,  the EP tells a story based on a night out gone wrong, where the protagonists regret ever having gone out in the first place and I think we can all relate to that from one of our nights out back when we were allowed to go out.

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Moon Wax – ‘Sayonara’

With thumping bass lines, flamboyant guitar riffs and outer space synth sounds, core members Billy Smith and Robb Maynard, who are rooted in soul and jazz, explore the world of the creative arts. The studio is heating up as the duo collaborates with various artists coming from all musical backgrounds and try and explore new niches within every track.

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Sustinere – ‘Early Grave’

From the heart of Chester comes a raucous rock duo delivering growling guitar tones and heavy hitting drums. Expect a contagious riff filled, high energy invitation to head bang. The dynamic duo have two EP and a single release under their belt receiving heavy radio play from BBC radio Wales. They have recently released a new single called ‘Early Grave’ which is available to listen to now.

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Meg Lawrenson – ‘Use My Body’

Meg Lawrenson is providing the goods here with ‘Use My Body’. She has a knack for coming up with innovative pieces, but this one takes her into a whole new direction. 

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Speak Easy Circus – ‘Neon in Daylight’

Speak Easy Circus, an indie band based in Glasgow. Thick indie music played by funk and soul musicians. They have recently released our new single ‘Neon in Daylight’, which you can listen to on Spotify.

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Ashley Singh – ’17’

’17’ has to be one of the most angelic vocal performances I have heard from a male vocalist in recent times. Ashley sings with genuine confidence, and he transitions between his octaves impeccably on this number. 

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No Serial Killer – ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’

A pretty exciting track this one. It is not a track I usually receive in my inbox, but I am glad it appeared. It has a sound which is in its own space, and I doubt many will have heard the same blend of rock and pop as we do on ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’ by No Serial Killer.

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The Novus – ‘Man On The Bridge’

Born and raised in the Black Country & Birmingham, they live at the heart of what was once the industrial revolution. No strangers to crafting themselves, The Novus have created and defined a genre all of their own – combining all the finest aspects of their favourite music they have concocted a political psychedelia & art punk like never before. And supplying a somewhat nostalgic yet unfamiliar image with unrivalled hair and eye makeup. Battling the stereotypes of masculinity and prejudice towards their fellow ‘lefty snowflakes’. A voice for millennials, by millennials.

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