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Beth Hartshorne

I found out about Beth’s music around a month ago, the first song I listened to was ‘Barriers’ and from the moment I heard the song I was hooked. The new single ‘Barriers’ for me stands out from all the other tracks, it has more of a slower and simple sound compared to her other work but equally as good as Beth’s other singles.

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Here’s a treat for your ears, Cardiff four-piece Bute have released a brand new single ‘DISAPPEAR’.

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The Bagatelles – ‘Point Of View’

Local Derbyshire Indie band The Bagatelles have recently released another single ‘Point Of View’.

Back in February this year I discovered this band and I liked what I heard, every track from their debut EP ‘More of a Statement than a Conversation’ was brilliant and I couldn’t fault anything, I quickly became hooked to the whole EP and the sound of the band.

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Suave Martyrs – Partyman

Having only recently heard of the band a couple of weeks ago I was really looking forward to having a gander at what their new single was going to sound like, let’s put it this way, it didn’t disappoint. This popular bunch of indie lads from Manchester and Leeds have really come up trumps with their brand new track, Partyman. Having listened to the song over the last week or so it definitely has that 70’s kinks kind of feel to it, nice harmonies, simple riffs, I’d say near enough 5 minutes of Soft rock n roll at its finest.

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Gazelle – Guilt Trip Gun

Gazelle have been busy so far this year playing at venues across the UK on their sold-out tour. They have recently released their first single of the year ‘Guilt Trip Gun’ which is Radio X This Feeling’s Track of the week.

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Gazelle are back with a brand-new single!

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since the band released their debut single ‘Where Nothing Ever Happens’ but lads are back with another cracking single.

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Matter Of Mind

Matter Of Mind are a four piece rock band made up by Jordan Lambert (Vocals/Guitarist), Ash Meadowcroft (Lead guitarist), Connor McQue (Drums/Vocals) and Rob Bramwell (Bassist). A young talented band from Stockport who are making huge musical waves. They released their latest single ‘Sanity’ back in April and what a tune it is! Continue reading “Matter Of Mind”

The Voques

Indie-pop band The Voques are a four piece band from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, consisting of Myles (lead vocals/guitar), Aiden (synth/keys), Jonni (bass) and Joe (drums). They are a fairly new band, forming only 6 months ago and since then have had gigs as far as Sheffield, York, Leeds, Leicester and many other great cities.  Continue reading “The Voques”

Josh Hart

Josh Hart is an 18 year old singer/songwriter currently at university in Sheffield. Influenced by bands such as Kasabian and The Libertines he has recently kicked off his solo career and has already released his debut solo single ‘Sane’. Continue reading “Josh Hart”

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