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Dr Orange – ‘Take’

Liverpool’s Dr Orange returns with another heavy hitting high frequency alt-rock release. Following on from the success of his previous singles ’These Things (Baby I know)’ and ‘Comes in Threes’ – ‘Take’ is again, produced by Merseyside producer Jon Withnall.

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Matter Of Mind – ‘ Oblivion’

Matter of Mind are a young four-piece rock group from Stockport, a town that resides in Greater Manchester. The band have recorded two EP’s and have toured the UK extensively and parts of mainland Europe. They channel a classic, old school emo style with a modern twist and throw pop melodies into the pot that will have you singing your heart out.

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UNO MAS – ‘Don’t You Know’

UNO MAS are an enthusiastic four piece from Manchester, fanning the fires of the city that gave so many wonderful creations and carrying on the legacy left by the brilliance of those that have walked these streets before. Not easy, but Olly, Dan, Tom and Lew are in this with bells on. Unapologetic about their roots, influences or direction, they are crafting an image and sound with an all new twist.

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Kristian Montgomery and The Winter Kill Band – ‘American Fire’

Born in Florida to a Danish immigrant and a blue-blooded American girl, his family moved to New England where his father worked as a fisherman. He lived with his grandparents and began singing in the church choir where his voice was recognized by his Reverend, a former professional tenor. Kristian realized the impact his voice had upon people once he opened his eyes after singing the Lord’s Prayer and seeing the silent tears fall from faces, he had never met.

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Francis & The Foxes – ’25’

Sheffield based project Francis & The Foxes have just released a new single entitled ‘25’.

Jack Francis from the band says “25 is the second single from an upcoming 6-track debut E.P. With the third single set to drop later, in the autumn of this year. Due to the nature of the band, with changing personnel, each track tends to have a different vibe and cater to a new audience, and it’s safe to say that ‘25’ well and truly fed the ego of an inner ‘Gallagher’. So that’s that box ticked!”

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Kioko – ‘Queen of the Dancefloor’

Kioko are back again with another excellent track, ‘Queen of the Dancefloor’ which is now available to listen to on all music platforms.

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Cucamaras – ‘Window Seat’

Cucamaras back with a brand new single ‘Window Seat’.

‘Window Seat’, is the second of a dynamic double-helping of new tunes from Cucamaras, and follows previous single ‘Keep It Cool’. Riding a wave of inspiration, both tracks were written in the same week and then recorded on the same day at Rainy Daze Studio in Nottingham. Additional mixing and mastering was taken-on by Joe Fisher and Elliot McCoid.

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The 286 – ‘One Way Love’

The 286 are the UK’s only rock & roll orchestra. Mixing guitars and drums with cellos and violins, The 286 create a unique sound that you expect from a musical collaboration between The Beatles and Beethoven.

The band are in the middle of releasing a series of singles, the latest being the disco inspired ‘One Way Love’, available on Spotify and iTunes.

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Leo Lore – ‘Sorrow’s Golden’

A soul vocalist/songwriter raised in the flatlands of Norfolk has release his debut single ‘Sorrow’s Golden’, Leo say’s “It’s basically about trying to find the light in a dark place when shit hits the fan. My ex-boyfriend’s motion of falling out of love with me after he cheated on me inspired this track”.

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