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mære – ‘ Red Room’

Enigmatic group mære comprises of various collaborators and is fronted by spokesperson and music producer Cee. For the curious amongst you, this July 29th, you’ll be able to experience ‘Red Room’, mære’s new single. Expect a simple yet emotive music video to accompany this sleek, Alt RnB number, which is set to be beautifully in keeping with the band’s underground, vibey aesthetic. Red Room will also form part of an upcoming EP from mære, taking centre-stage as its lead track.

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Keeyley -‘Drawn To The Flame’

Led by enigmatic front-woman, guitarist and songwriter Keeley Moss, this Irish outfit went from strength to strength last summer with the success of break-out single “The Glitter And The Glue” from their debut EP ‘Brave Warrior’. While seeming to come from nowhere, Keeley had actually been a key figure on the Irish music scene for some years previous with her band Session Motts before deciding to forge a path entirely on her own in 2020. With the help of skilled Dublin producer Alan Maguire, she began to craft songs that encompassed her encyclopedic knowledge and passion for music stretching back to early Pink Floyd, The Pretenders, The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys and the rich vein that is the dreampop canon of the late 80s and early 90s. It would also be the point at which she decided to base her songwriting exclusively around the murder of Inga-Maria Hauser, a case that had fascinated her for many years and a subject she had written extensively about in her blog The Keeley Chronicles.

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Von Venn – Ghost

With the release of their newest single, titled ‘Ghost’, the Irish indie rock band Von Venn, which Gary Cox fronts, are emerging from the underground of their homeland and landing in the hands of many!

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Beth Hartshorne – ‘Fragile Victories’

‘Fragile Victories’ is the latest single by Beth Hartshorne which is available to stream on all music platforms.

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Nory-J & Elliot Speed – ‘Lucky’

Nory-J is the indie pop pseudonym of former Bath phenomenon Jack Spooner. Band turned solo croc pot, the name has found itself with BBC Radio Bristol, international reviewers and throughout NEXT and Marks and Spencer stores across the UK.

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Robert O’Connor – ‘The Last Time’

“The Last Time”, produced by Gareth Shortland (Steps, Will Young) and recorded by Richey McCourt (musical director for fellow Irish artist Aimée), is Robert’s eleventh single since his musical return in 2018, which has seen him go from strength to strength, building a niche following and notching up seven Top 10 placings on the LGBTQ Music Chart.

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The Rafters – ‘Murder Mile’

The Rafters are back with a brand new single which is available to stream on all music platforms.

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Judy Pearson – ‘My Guiding Key’

The most recent song released by Judy Pearson is ‘My Guiding Key’, and it soars with flying colours. The London-based singer-songwriter has been developing her songwriting skills for a number of years, and the effort has paid off with this performance that tears through the heart with its unadulterated sincerity.

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Annie Minogue Band – ‘Real Close Up’

East Coast rockers Annie Minogue Band are getting in your face with their new single Real Close Up – set for release June 20, 2022. The single heralds the release of their upcoming album, Suburbia, released on the Wolf Entertainment Group Label (excluding the US and Canada). Fronted by vocalist Annie Minogue herself, AMB’s line-up pulls in the talents of Nick Saya (drums), Nunzio Signore (Guitar/Vocals), Brian Karp (Bass), and Dave Archer (Keyboards) for an eclectic roster that merges the best of rock, pop, and the blues!

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