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The Novus – ‘Man On The Bridge’

Born and raised in the Black Country & Birmingham, they live at the heart of what was once the industrial revolution. No strangers to crafting themselves, The Novus have created and defined a genre all of their own – combining all the finest aspects of their favourite music they have concocted a political psychedelia & art punk like never before. And supplying a somewhat nostalgic yet unfamiliar image with unrivalled hair and eye makeup. Battling the stereotypes of masculinity and prejudice towards their fellow ‘lefty snowflakes’. A voice for millennials, by millennials.

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Prime – ‘In Summer’

Prime are an explosive band from the East Midlands, they are a rock band with a blues and indie influence.

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The Bagatells – ‘The Pavement’

The Bagatelles are back with a brand new single!

It was back in April when the local Derbyshire Indie band released their single ‘Show Me The Light’, since then the band have been busy and have recently released another cracking single ‘The Pavement’.

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Anna Blaise – ‘Creep’

Anna Blaise is inspired by people and places. Blaise’s work is nostalgic and brooding, a mix of the romantic and the dark. Expect a fusion of R&B, electronic and alt pop with raw storytelling. Blaise’s voice is her primary instrument, and she also brings in some classically-inclined piano here and there, alongside modern, minimal electronic percussion, synth pads and melodies.

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Kanvas – ‘Propaganda’

4-piece band from Birmingham made up by lead Noah (lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist), Seb (Bass), Jake (Lead guitarist), Ewan (Drums). The band have recently released a new single ‘Propaganda’ which is now available to listen to on all major music platforms.

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Same James Johnson – ‘Nine to Five’

Sam James Johnson, a 25 year old singer/songwriter from South East London. Sam has been playing the guitar since the age of 18 and has been playing local gigs/open mic nights in his local area trying to build a following.

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Calboa – ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’

Calboa is one of Hulls finest music exports. We hear a lot of talk about The Housemartins and Mick Ronson hailing from the ex-city of culture, but we are probably going to hear a lot more of Calboa too as we progress into the year.

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Near Death Experience – ‘Conquer’

Near Death Experience are the talk of the town at the moment. Why? Because their new release ‘Conquer’ is a pure indie gem with plenty of talking points. 

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The Timeouts – ‘Dancing With Your Best Mate’s Girlfriend’

The Timeouts are a four piece alternative rock band, they have recently released their debut single ‘Dancing With Your Best Mate’s Girlfriend’ which is available to listen to on all major music platforms.

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