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Papa George – ‘THESE WHEELS’

Papa George, born in London from Greek Cypriot parents, is no stranger on the UK & European blues scene. Four decades of playing “live electric and acoustic blues” and now has reputation to be reckoned with. A quote from Muddy Waters guitarist, Bob Margolin, described George as being “A powerful Deep Blues player…a spectacular blues artist. He’s got power and nuance as a master entertainer”

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Nadia Sheikh – ‘IDWK (I Don’t Wanna Know’

Returning with one of her most striking, personal works to date – British/Spanish genre-chameleon Nadia Sheikh today shares her first release of 2021 – ‘IDWK (I Don’t Wanna Know)’. The new single is a combination of indie and alt-rock resulting in a smooth and comforting single which will awaken every hair on the back of your neck.

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Tito Jackson’s – ‘Under Your Spell’

Tito Jackson’s latest album, ‘Under Your Spell,’ was released under his new label, Gulf Coast Records and Hillside Global, and it’s all about the blues.

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Olly E – ‘Rise Above’

Olly E is the real deal, and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to demonstrating his versatility on his new single, ‘Rise Above.’

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Jake Harper – ‘Someone Else’

Singer-songwriter Jake Harper from Liverpool has recently released a brand new single ‘Someone Else’ which is now available to stream on all music platforms.

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Louis and The Shakes – ‘Bullet 4 U’

Louis and The Shakes return with a brand new single ‘Bullet 4 U’ which has been released today and is available to stream on all music platforms.

If you’re looking for the perfect single packed full of talent, has a slight chilled vibe to it and will instantly grab your attention than look no further.

It usually takes me a few listens to a track to fully get into it however when I pressed play on this track, I was instantly hooked but the instrumental at the very beginning of the single, by the time the vocals kicked in I was tapping along, and I was completely sold with the whole sound.

The combination of instrumentals with the gripping will awake every hair on the back of your neck. They have managed to create a sound which you will instantly fall in love with it. What I also love is the fact I couldn’t compare the sound to another band, they have created a sound which is theirs and it’s refreshing to hear that.

Compared to the other tracks I have heard from Louis and The Shakes this one a little more slower but it still manages to give you that kick which every track from this band does and still has you gripped. Moving onto the lyrics, all I can say is I guarantee you will be able to connect with them instantly! They are relatable and you can’t help but listen to every single word and become hooked.

An impressive single from a talented bad who I can’t wait to hear more from. Go and listen to this track, trust me you will not be disappointed.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper




Matt England – ‘Outside’

As soon as you press play you are greeted by a catchy guitar riff and baseline and some powerful vocals which instantly grab your attention, you find yourself listening to every word Matt sings effortlessly. Matt uses his skilful storytelling to create a powerful and relatable track that you can’t help but love.

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The Decades – ‘Fool’s Gold’

The Decades release their new single ‘Fool’s Gold’. The band said, “with ‘Fool’s Gold’ we really wanted to say something. There’s this lifestyle that is so common with our generation of constant partying and a cycle of one night stands and relationships that go nowhere. It comes out of loneliness and a desperate need for a connection to others and finding meaning and value in the wrong places”. The different musical interests of all four members converge to give a blend of classic rock elements and an indie vibe that is apparent across their releases to date. Musically, ‘Fool’s Gold’ takes advantage of everything that the group has to offer. David Mulvey’s pulsing drum tracks provide the foundation that the song is built upon, allowing Myles Keogh’s driving bass line to push the song forward towards its peak. With this backdrop in place, there is plenty of room for the interweaving guitar parts of Rhys Doyle and Seán Fox. Multiple layers of both rhythm and lead guitar tracks are heard, giving the harmonic basis for Sean’s powerful vocals.

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Reilly James – ‘Tear Run Dry’

Reilly James is an indie artist from Preston, he has released a brand new single ‘Tears Run Dry’ which is now available to stream on all music platforms.

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