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The Novus – ‘Man On The Bridge’

Born and raised in the Black Country & Birmingham, they live at the heart of what was once the industrial revolution. No strangers to crafting themselves, The Novus have created and defined a genre all of their own – combining all the finest aspects of their favourite music they have concocted a political psychedelia & art punk like never before. And supplying a somewhat nostalgic yet unfamiliar image with unrivalled hair and eye makeup. Battling the stereotypes of masculinity and prejudice towards their fellow ‘lefty snowflakes’. A voice for millennials, by millennials.

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Abi Rose Kelly – ‘Polaroids & Violence’

Abi Rose Kelly is a young artist based in Cheshire, in December 2019 Abi released her single ‘James’ Corsa’ which is a great single you should go and check out. Abi has recently released a new single ‘Polaroids & Violence’.

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Girl Afraid ‘Dutch Courage’

Girl Afraid Convey True Confidence With New Release

Yorkshire lads, Girl Afraid have provided the Indie world with an unpardonable catchy number ‘Dutch Courage’.

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Gazelle – Guilt Trip Gun

Gazelle have been busy so far this year playing at venues across the UK on their sold-out tour. They have recently released their first single of the year ‘Guilt Trip Gun’ which is Radio X This Feeling’s Track of the week.

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The Ruffs

I have known about these guys for a few years now but I haven’t had the chance to see them live yet. A few of my friends have been lucky enough to see them live and have told me they are amazing and that I needed to see them live. I finally got to see these guys at The Camelon Arts Café in Nottingham for a gig set up by This Feeling. It’s not the biggest venue around but it’s a great little venue (once you find it). Continue reading “The Ruffs”

For The Girl

For The Girl are a 5 piece indie pop rock band from Mansfield. They consist of singer Sam, drummer Nathan, bassist Jimmy and their two guitarists Isaac and Josh.  Continue reading “For The Girl”

The Assist

I’ve just heard this new and upcoming band called The Assist they are indie/alternative, well what can I say , one word excellent. The quartet are from Walsall they got together in 2014 consisting of two brothers Mikey Stanton (vocals) , and Ryan Stanton (guitar) , Jak baker (bassist) and Ben Faulkner (drums). Continue reading “The Assist”

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