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Kill Bosco – ‘Feel The Same’

A four-piece indie rock band from Chelmsford have released some great singles in the past and they are back with a brank new single ‘Feel The Same’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

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Italian passion meets British quirk might be the best way to describe the genre-messy duo ‘redbook’.

Swiss-born pop-lover Soraya Grosso brings rich, soulful vocals and a mastery of Italian classics to mould around British-born guitarist Jake Tweddle, a self-diagnosed coffee addict raised on a steady diet of Punk and Folk.

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Annie – ‘Up Again’

Anniee is a singer/songwriter based in NYC. As a vocalist she has performed in a wide variety of genres including classical, folk, rock, jazz, musical theatre and EDM. She has turned her attention to producing pop/dance tracks with theatrical vocals and story driven lyrics.

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Lock-In – ‘Rosy Cheeks’

Let’s rewind to early 2019 in the small town of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire where school friends Angus Moore (guitarist), Benjy Leak (vocalist) and Sam Collins (bassist) began jamming to some of their favourite cover songs in their sixth form music classroom. Not long after, the three lads invited their fellow pupil and peer, Ollie Stacey (drummer) to join the band.

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Lewis Kelly

Lewis Kelly is an 18 year old singer/songwriter based in Manchester. He has recently released a brand new single “hurting you is inevitable”.

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Callum McLean – ‘TIDES’

Callum McLean has recently released a new single ‘TIDES’ ahead of his new album ‘Acorn’ which is set to be released on the 6th November.

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SLANT – ‘La Danse’

SLANT are an upcoming, female fronted band from Brighton. They take influence from the theatrics of 70s glam, paired with a post-punk vibe. They have recently released a new single ‘La Danse’ which is available on all music platforms.

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Dalmas – ‘You Say’

After receiving support from BBC Introducing Manchester and RGM Magazine from their last release ‘Mary”, Dalmas return with a brand new single ‘You Say’. This is the first track from their upcoming 5 track EP. Taking influence from bands like Biffy Clyro and Nothing But Thieves, ‘You say’ is a powerful modern rock song with a ballad chorus to make anyone reminisce. The song is about being asked to leave a relationship you are insistent on trying to continue, even if it’s not healthy. Pleading to try and cope with life’s struggles, this is the start of a dangerous path the author’s life is about to take.

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The Novus – ‘Man On The Bridge’

Born and raised in the Black Country & Birmingham, they live at the heart of what was once the industrial revolution. No strangers to crafting themselves, The Novus have created and defined a genre all of their own – combining all the finest aspects of their favourite music they have concocted a political psychedelia & art punk like never before. And supplying a somewhat nostalgic yet unfamiliar image with unrivalled hair and eye makeup. Battling the stereotypes of masculinity and prejudice towards their fellow ‘lefty snowflakes’. A voice for millennials, by millennials.

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