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Dr Orange – ‘W.C.B.T’

With fuzzy guitars and a pounding beat, Liverpool’s own Dr Orange returns with his new single ‘W.C.B.T.’. Playing into his self-described brand of ‘hi-frequency rock & roll’, ‘W.C.B.T.’ is a song driven by its unfailing drums and catchy guitar riff. Dr. Orange’s hazy vocals nest perfectly atop the production, creating a song to put on repeat.

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Jennifer Porter – ’Show Me Your Love’

There’s a glow coming from Maine, and it’s not from the early Christmas lights; it’s from Jennifer Porter. ‘Show Me Your Love,’ her latest release, is the exquisite treat that the world has been waiting for all year!

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Catching Mangoes

We are Catching Mangoes – a 5-piece, 70’s inspired Indie Rock band from the South of England.

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Child of the Parish

Who were your musical influences growing up?

Our parents were very into their music, so we started off on their record collection really. Our dad was big into blues but also rock, so there were lots of Who records, Zeplin etc. Our mum was more folk so she was a big Dylan fan, Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchel. Then they both loved the Beatles and the stones so we had a solid musical upbringing! We grew up in Camden so obviously indie became our thing as we got older, and then clubbing so we got more into house. And growing up our grandparents played in orchestras so we were encouraged into classical music. We never really had an option to do anything else!

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Rory Gillanders – ‘Wilderness’

Rory Gillanders is a Dublin based singer/songwriter who’s influences include Springsteen, Dylan, Ryan Adams and Noel Gallagher.

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Ivy Ash – ‘Third Degree’

Originally from Warwickshire, Ivy Ash grew up in the Midlands before moving to London in her late teens and France in her early 20s. She may still be young, but Ivy Ash has plenty of experiences to recount and stories to tell. “I think I must have been at least 22 before it felt like life wasn’t one big uphill struggle. Even so, I value every experience I’ve been through, good or bad, because it’s made me who I am today.” As a supporter of positive mental health, Ivy started to make music as a way of expressing her struggles and overcoming anxiety. “I hope my music helps others to find their true voice and confidence. Even if my work resonates with just one person, it makes it all worthwhile.”

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Jay Moussa-Mann – ‘American Tennessee’

Jay Moussa-Mann is a unique songwriter whose songs have been played repeatedly on BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6. She has performed at Twisterella Festival, The Waiting Room and Middlesbrough Mela. In 2020 she took part in the Sage Summer Studios Music Residency and was an awardee of the Do It Differently through Help Musicians in 2021.

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How did you all meet?

“I (Roméo, lead singer-guitarist) met Vince (drummer/back vocalist) when we were 10 years old!! It’s a long love story (laughs). We started the band when we were 14 in our native city (called Troyes, in France). Then we never stopped playing together. We met Rudy (bassist/back vocalist) and André (keyboardist/back vocalist) in Paris years after, we were all connected super fast and the complicity was here.”

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Cross-Channel Music – ‘Man In A Dream’

Cross-Channel Music is the indie pop-folk project of French London-based singer songwriter Pierre Lassegues.

After an early and unlikely viral hit in 2006 with a song about the professional swimmer Laure Manaudou – which benefited from the timely release of leaked photos – Lassegues was the frontman and songwriter of the Parisian band Bradford Musical, before moving to London in 2012.

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