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The Rafters – ‘Murder Mile’

The Rafters are back with a brand new single which is available to stream on all music platforms.

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Judy Pearson – ‘My Guiding Key’

The most recent song released by Judy Pearson is ‘My Guiding Key’, and it soars with flying colours. The London-based singer-songwriter has been developing her songwriting skills for a number of years, and the effort has paid off with this performance that tears through the heart with its unadulterated sincerity.

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The Dualers – ‘Voices From The Sun’

(Cambridgeshire, 2022) Legendary chart-topping ska & reggae act The Dualers have announced their new, upcoming album Voices From the Sun – set for release 12/08/22. The 14-track project is a non-stop feel-good ride that perfectly encapsulates the party and dance spirit that has adorned fans of the nine-piece headed by Tyber Cranstoun, the world over!

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Annie Minogue Band – ‘Real Close Up’

East Coast rockers Annie Minogue Band are getting in your face with their new single Real Close Up – set for release June 20, 2022. The single heralds the release of their upcoming album, Suburbia, released on the Wolf Entertainment Group Label (excluding the US and Canada). Fronted by vocalist Annie Minogue herself, AMB’s line-up pulls in the talents of Nick Saya (drums), Nunzio Signore (Guitar/Vocals), Brian Karp (Bass), and Dave Archer (Keyboards) for an eclectic roster that merges the best of rock, pop, and the blues!

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The Winter Codes – ‘Too Sly To Die’

Irish folk duo The Winter Codes featuring founding member of Irish Folk Punk sensations Blood Or Whiskey Barney Murray, and virtuoso musician David Walshe are back with their upcoming LP Set The Darkness Reeling and its lead single Too Sly To Die. Fuelled by classic Irish folk influences, this album showcases the band’s pure love and devotion for their country with a thrashy and attitude filled flair balanced with an emotional tribute to their fallen band member.

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Well, firstly, I’m a solo music writer, guitarist and producer, ‘Skidders’. This comes from my surname – ‘Skidmore’ and not the state of my pants! Some friends just started calling me Skidders, so I thought rather than call myself by my full name (Steve Skidmore) which is boring, I’d use my nickname. It can cause a laugh or two when explaining though!

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The folk-pop singer-songwriter Gildor writes songs with an enchanting timeless quality. Drawing on influences such as JJ Cale, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Nick Drake, Gildor proves that breezy melodies, reflective lyricism and a warm, organic live sound are qualities that still remain equally as captivating today.

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Alice D’s

Who were your musical influences growing up and when did you first realise you wanted to follow a career in music?

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Spectral Display – ‘Back On My Feet’

Spectral Display is a band from the Netherlands that never stops giving, and their latest tune, ‘Back On My Feet’, perfectly captures the spirit of summer 2022 while also providing all of us with a serotonin pick-me-up.

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