Formed in 2015 by Jordan Jones in Northampton, The Keepers are a fusion of 60’s pop melodies and psychedelia, 70’s punk energy, 90’s britpop sing along ballads and 00’s indie rock. The Keepers released their debut EP ‘No Exit’ in October 2015, and have since been gigging and touring all across the country consistently, bringing their share of retro goodness to people everywhere.

Jordan, Oli and Liam were kind enough to answer a few questions for the Blog. Here is what they had to say.


How did you all meet?
Liam – “I first met Jordan at The Lab in Northampton after going to see The Keepers live in 2015, after that I became the bands unofficial roadie and would regularly go and watch them play. After leaving school in June 2016 I joined The Keepers as Rhythm Guitarist, from then on, the band became a four piece. I’ve known Oli since Secondary School, and at one point we were finding it hard to get the right bassist for the band, Oli had been coming to watch the band live and unbeknown to us had been learning to play the bass… the rest is history”

What made each of you want to join a band and play the instruments you do?
Jordan – “When I first heard and saw The Beatles really. I wanted to be in a band exactly like the Beatles, so in secondary school I joined a few ‘bands’ but they weren’t interested in it so after that I always wanted to form a band as opposed to join one”
Oli – “wanted to join a band for the thrill of playing in front of loads of people, which is an amazing thing to experience! I got into bass guitar from observing Steve Harris’ playstyle, as well as the likes of Peter Hook”
Liam – “I started learning the guitar at the age of 11, this was when I also started attending gigs, my first being The Moons at Bush Hall in 2011. After watching The Moons play live on numerous occasion and spending hours watching live music DVD’s, I knew this was something I wanted to pursue long term”

Do you remember the first gig you all played as a band?
Jordan – “This line up it was at The Picturedrome in Northampton last October supporting Noasis, was a sell out and was Oli’s first gig. We literally gave him 4 days to learn the set list”

Describe your music in three words.
Jordan – “Vintage British Pop”
Oli – “Psychedelic-Proto-Punk”
Liam – “Interesting – Energetic – Psychedelic”

Describe each band member in one word.
Jordan – “Liam – supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Oli – Amazing”
Oli – “Liam – energetic, Jordan – pedalmeister”
Liam – “Jordan – Ruffles Oli -Posh”

Any new singles or EP’s coming out soon?
Oli – “We just released a single, called ‘Here Comes Spring’, which was met with quite a positive response. We intend on doing another single in the near future”

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?
Jordan – “We’ll be playing Beano on The Sea Festival in Hastings in September with the likes of Cast, Black Grape, The Bluetones, Space and a lot of our favourites as well as a few gigs around Northamptonshire and England”

What has been your favorite gig you have played so far?
Jordan – “The Moons at Roadmender in December 2016 or Space at The Picturedrome in January 2017 or Supporting The Franklys at The Craufurd Arms fairly recently!”
Oli – “The Hope and Anchor in Islington we did just this July. An amazing little venue with a rich history, plus all we were all on top form that night”
Liam – “My favourite gig I have played so far was back in December 2016 when we supported The Moons at the Roadmender in Northampton, it was our biggest gig to date, and the response we got from the audience was amazing”

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?
Jordan – “For me personally I’d love to work with Mollie Marriott on a track or two, she’s got a fantastic voice. Female vocals are one of my favourite things to hear on record. Saying that there’s a fantastic American Band from LA called The Pantones, they sound like The Cure and New Order but have this British Invasion vibe about them which is really cool. I’d love to work with them at some point. I’d also love to work with Joe Meek, his ways of recording would have been perfect for us”
Oli – “Alive, I’d say Lee Mavers – songwriting in The La’s is unparalleled and his sense of melody is incredible. Dead, I’d probably say Syd Barrett”
Liam – “I would love to collaborate with Paul Weller because he has so much musical knowledge it would be interesting to see what would be created and I would love to record at Black Barn Studios”

What’s your favourite track to play live?
Jordan – “I like the more Punky and Bluesy numbers live. I’d probably say Killing Time”
Oli – “With our own stuff my favourite to play is a song called ‘Another Night’ – it’s a lot of fun to play and has been on nearly all of our setlists. Cover wise, Psychotic Reaction by The Count Five is my personal favourite”
Liam – “My favourite song to play live has to be Start Again, it’s just a great song to finish off our set and it has that old 90s sound to it”

As a band where would you like to be in five years’ time?
Jordan – “America”
Oli – “On TV in some way shape or form, and with an album out”
Liam – “Hopefully have an album out”

By Siân Parker



Instagram:  @TheKeepersUK