Frederik Cornelius Hits The Spot With ‘This Ain’t Love’ 

Frederik Cornelius who hails from Denmark has not disappointed with his new track ‘This Ain’t Love’.

I noticed that it is pretty raw from my first listen but it works and I would not have wanted it any other way. Also it is refreshing to hear a track which has not undergone the artificial polishing of a pop commercial release. Furthermore, I really like this track from Frederik. It reminds me of early indie from the 2010’s (I know, it does not seem that long ago to me either).  

‘This Ain’t Love’ kicks off with confidence. A folky style acoustic starts before a vocal greets you from Frederik which could be paralleled to some of the indie greats of yesteryear. Although, it’s not exactly a prototype of this genre, it does have its own unique elements and it did satisfy my indie needs profoundly.

Frederik is fairly new to the scene but I believe he is onto something here. I would not be surprised to see his career grow sharply over the next few month. When it does, you can say you heard it here first.  

By Dodgem