Girl Afraid Convey True Confidence With New Release

Yorkshire lads, Girl Afraid have provided the Indie world with an unpardonable catchy number ‘Dutch Courage’.

The single which talks about self-assurance and composure has been gifted to us when the indie world had been cast in doubt. For many years, the indie rock scene had been stopped at the door with contemporary pop making its rounds across the media. However, it appears this is about to change.

Following on from a strong end to 2019 for Indie, Girl Afraid have joined the likes of Blossoms and Fountains .DC who are all flying the flag for convincing guitar music. ‘Dutch Courage’ is all about poise. It has got a robust drum beat which if played loud enough would shake your street. Also, with hard biting guitar hooks and a fresh vocal it has all the ingredients to make it onto the top 2020 indie list. 

Its original but yet not too far from the status quo that you would not know where to file it. Overall, it is an indie breath of fresh air which could put this band on the map over the coming months. I would not be surprised to see that.

By Dodgem