Meg Lawrenson is providing the goods here with ‘Use My Body’. She has a knack for coming up with innovative pieces, but this one takes her into a whole new direction. 

Singing about love, Meg opens with a heartfelt performance which keeps flowing as the track rolls out. Her storytelling quality is on full display, and it almost feels like she is telling her experiences to us individually. I am a firm believer that emotion sells tracks, and this track will be flying off the shelf if this is the case.

Musically, the track flaunts an indie rock edge which is not the norm for the talented artist. She does have records in her backlog which do provide an alternative angle but nothing quite like this one. Usually, it is a more slow and acoustic vibe which we hear, but here she has put all her armoury into the mixer. 

I cannot remember the last time a track hit me like a tonne of bricks like this one. It has filled a void which I have been craving for some time without consciously knowing, therefore, hats off to Meg for filling a niche. Also, indie women are proving they are a force, and Meg is taking the lead on that front. 

Overall, an all-embracing track from Meg Lawrenson. There are influences from the likes of Paramore and Swifty. But there is plenty of new within it too. I relish how she has blended contemporary indie-pop with a good old country sound for good measure, it is what makes it the contagious listen which is. You can check out ‘Use My Body’ by Meg Lawrenson below. Also, what are your thoughts to the new track from Meg? 

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Photo taken by Alice JL Pierre

By Dodgem