With thumping bass lines, flamboyant guitar riffs and outer space synth sounds, core members Billy Smith and Robb Maynard, who are rooted in soul and jazz, explore the world of the creative arts. The studio is heating up as the duo collaborates with various artists coming from all musical backgrounds and try and explore new niches within every track.

After playing together in live outfits for years and realising the same vision, the pair decided to join forces and work on quality-produced music. With the studio set up and the sunshine beaming through the windows, experimental summer anthems were inevitable.

The duo’s latest single ‘Sayonara’ is a little over 3 minuets of space synth sounds mixed with brilliant instrumentals and vocals with a slight jazzy feel, they have managed to combined their influences into this track along with their own unique style and sound which really grabs your attention.

The duo has created something special, the sound is so unique and for me this track really stands out from any other electronic duo I’ve heard before. It’s the perfect for the summer, it has that summer sound to it and I feel this would be a great track to hear being played live at a festival.

It’s a track that you can tell has been created with a lot of attention to detail and talents, from its ridiculously catchy chorus to its phenomenal vocals there is nothing I can fault about the song.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper