Born from an unlikely collaboration, “Spiral” is a song that will envelop you whole. Liverpool-based songwriter Natalie Frontera and Brooklyn-born producer Davide combine their respective styles on this track: Frontera brings a background in classical guitar and folk storytelling, while Davide puts a queer lens on electronic pop. This genre-defying duet conveys the helplessness of long-distance love through everyday imagery and intimate vocals. The electronic-acoustic sound conjures a dreamlike atmosphere, which explodes into a surreal climax. The duo have recently released their debut collaborative single “Spiral” which is available to listen to on all on all streaming platforms.

This incredible single will immediately grab your full attention with its spine-tingling vocals, unique sounds, and chilled vibe. This incredible single starts off with an acoustic sound which immediately makes you stop what you are doing and listen, the track begins to build with vocals, instrumentals, and sounds.

The beautiful vocals create a chilled atmosphere, the lyrics will capture you imagination and they draw you in and you cannot help but sit and listen to every word. The vocals combined with the sounds gives this single a unique sound. The lyrics will make you listen and I feel listeners will be able to relate to them.

This single will be ideal to add to you chilled playlist, I can imagine listening to this at home after a day at work with a beer in my hand which is what I plan to do this evening.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper


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