Fire In Her Eyes are a psychedelic girl group from London made up by sisters Daniella and Natasha who grew up with lifelong friend Gabrielle, writing songs together from a young age, which founded their special musical chemistry. They have released their newest single ‘Cosmic Connection’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

This soulful single will have you hooked within seconds with it’s beautiful harmonies mixed with it’s groovy pop song which you can’t help but fall in love with.

It’s impossible to not listen to incredible single from beginning to end and not to fall in love with it’s sound and catchy melody and lyrics which will no doubt get stuck in your heard. They have managed to write the kind of songs you find yourself singing along to on first hearing, the hooks are strong and grip even when you think you’ve escaped them.

As I was listening to this single I felt as if I had been taken back to the 60’s, the groups sound has that 60’s sound to it with a modern twist which I couldn’t help but love. I felt I was listening to the bands I love from the 60’s who made me fall in love with music.

This beautiful single has made me become a fan of this talented group and I can see them having a bright future if they continue to create singles like this one which awaken every hair on the back of your neck.


By Siân Parker