Jennifer Porter is a woman who never ceases to amaze, with her latest album already causing a stir among music evangelists worldwide. On ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ the Maine-based singer fuses various genres into one. In addition, she demonstrates her innate skill as a musician with many compositions that leak a mixed bag of emotions.

The album’s opening is a standout, which is no surprise because it has the same name as the album. Jennifer’s pleasant vocal charm makes it a relaxing encounter. She takes cues from some of the best pop and soul vocalists of recent decades, but she innovatively combines the influences she has picked up over the years into her own voice. As a result, it produces a compelling listen, unlike her peers in the same arena.

Tracks like ‘Satin Shoes’ and ‘Stop Your Talkin’ bring a bluesy, groovy feel to the forefront of the record, and they melt like butter with their serene flow. Also, a jazz brass band accompanies the pieces and takes the album’s sound into a new dimension. It is refreshing and paves the way forward perfectly.

Like a warm drink on a cold winter day, the sweetness in the tone of ‘Bitter New York Night’ comforts the spirit. Jennifer lets her vocal abilities run wild on this track, exuding confidence with each note that catches the listener’s attention. ‘I’ll Be Here’, the album’s final tune, is the gift that brings the album to a close in style.

You can take a listen to ‘Sun Come And Shine’ by Jennifer Porter below.

By Dodgem