The Keystones, a Milwaukee based alt-rock group have released a brand-new single, ‘Time Will Tell’. An up-beat indie pop single is the band’s first release since their rebrand as a dynamic alt-rock trio. The single is available to stream on all music platforms.

This single will have you hooked from the opening guitar riff, the pop-punk/emo style sound combined with it’s catchy chorus is like listening to something out of the early 00’s. This single took me back to my youth and to the time when I first started to get into music which, a time when life was more normal.

The honesty of the lyrics is something I feel any listener will connect with instantly. You will find yourself listening to every single word and you will not be able to escape the grip on these catchy and relatable lyrics.

The sound is something that is right up my street, the single has the ability to combine the classic sounds we all love to hear with a fun, fresh and unique twist. I found myself listening to this single on repeat and I was instantly hooked. It’s safe to say this single has made me become a fan of the band and has made it straight onto my playlist.

Great job guys!

By Ollie Cooper