Lutfia is a 20-year-old BIMM student and pop singer-songwriter from London. Her music has been described as ‘arena-favourites’ that ‘can resonate with multicultural audiences’. Lutfia started writing songs at the age of 14 and has not stopped since. She released her debut single ‘Last Night’ in August 2020, a song which she wrote alone. Lutfia writes all her songs on the piano, mixing inventive chord progressions with story-telling lyrics. Her aim as a songwriter is to incorporate different genres and styles into her work, creating a different world for each composition. Lutfia has a variety of different influences including Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd.

‘So Much For Summer’ is Lutfia’s debut EP. It incorporates a variety of different styles, including alternative pop, pop-rock, funk and dance. Each song is unique and different from the rest but Lutfia’s powerful mezzo-soprano voice and deeply personal lyrics make the project seamlessly cohesive. The unforgettable ‘Prism’ and ‘Last Night’, which were previously released as singles, are part of this EP along with four unheard tracks.

There is a sense of tender melancholy throughout the EP, even in more positive songs such as ‘City Of Angels’. Lutfia tells stories of teenage love, mental health struggles and nostalgia, each song recounting an impactful emotion, person or place in her life. The vibe and message is different in every song, ranging from self-confidence and empowerment in ‘DiCaprio Quality’ to vulnerability and anxiety in ‘Heart Of Stone And Bones Of Steel’.

Listening to the EP the first thing that really grabs my attention is Lutfia’s voice, it’s tones, unique sound and magical feel to it really shows through in this EP. There is something about the vocals I love, it just instantly makes me listen to every word Lutfia sings.

The lyrics it tells the story perfectly and really gets you thinking, I found myself listening to the trCKS and changing my mind throughout about what, it really caused a debate in my head, but I love that about a single, something that gets you thinking. I also love how relatable the lyrics are, for me the relatability made it even easier for me to connect with this brilliant single.

This is a well-produced EP that had been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail, this is not usually the sort of thing I’d listen to, but I must admit I enjoyed listening to the EP and I look forward to hearing more from the talented singer/songwriter.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper