(Cambridgeshire, 2022) Legendary chart-topping ska & reggae act The Dualers have announced their new, upcoming album Voices From the Sun – set for release 12/08/22. The 14-track project is a non-stop feel-good ride that perfectly encapsulates the party and dance spirit that has adorned fans of the nine-piece headed by Tyber Cranstoun, the world over!

The band’s personal journey is perhaps even more inspiring. Born to the man who quite literally brought Ska to the UK, brothers Tyber and Si Cranstoun formed the Jamaican Rhythm and Blues band with

literal music history running through their veins. The pair’s humble beginnings as buskers quickly blossomed into a viral sensation with videos of the brothers causing impromptu dance street parties quickly amassing over 7 million YouTube views.

Voices From The Sun marks an extraordinary personal and professional journey for the band while retaining the impossibly optimistic nature that has been them such a hit.

On first listen, new album has everything you would want to hear, relatable lyrics with that reggae/ska feel and the Dualers sound we all love to hear. What I love about this album is how it has the upbeat feel that can instantly cheer you up but at the same time you can easily listen to as well in the garden with a drink and chill out.

The Dualers have a great ability to be able to create tracks that are instantly memorable, full of energy and talent. This album has not disappointed and I can guarantee it will be added to one of my playlists.

A nice treat for the ears, a band to keep an eye out for and if you haven’t seen them live yet you should check them out, you’re missing out on a great gig trust me.


By Ollie Cooper